Posted by John Nash on November 10th, 2013 04:03


What a project, but it has been worth it.  Www.BrisHomes.com.au (built on the www.CanberraProperties.net.au) profile is set to go to air on 25/9/13.  The site will offer a strong alternative to property advertisers in the sunshine city in that it offers many premium features, great reliability and packages are offered at a GREAT PRICE.  Get on board today!

The site is up... Read Full Post: Www.BrisHomes.com.au


Posted by John Nash on November 10th, 2013 04:04

It is finally coming.  Www.MelHomes.com.au is based on the popular www.SydHomes.com.au profile and will be a premium quality advertising forum for Melbourne Properties.  The website should be in active circulation by 30/9/13, and is set to pose a challenge to competitors, through GREAT FEATURES and a SUPA CHEAP advertising price.

Don't delay!

Plan to advertise your property... Read Full Post: Www.MelHomes.com.au


Posted by John Nash on November 10th, 2013 04:05

Hi all!

We'd like to announce the new arrival and launch of our new site aimed at Sydney.  Www.SydHomes.com.au is built on the same advanced platform as www.CanberraProperties.net.au.  It is turbo charged and full of features to make your real estate advertising and searching pleasurable.  Not only that, but we are offering FREE advertising to ALL ACCEPTED AGENTS (No Dodgies I'm... Read Full Post: SydHomes.com.au


Posted by John Nash on November 10th, 2013 04:06

Welcome to ACTproperties.com.au. The website is currently combined with (and can be found at) www.CanberraProperties.net.au.  Our website is a new solution for people seeking to sell, buy, rent or share property in and around Canberra, the Australian Capital. And what a great year to launch. Canberra's centenary is here and this meodern, vibrant city looks great at only 100 years young! CanberraProperties.net.au adds new blood... Read Full Post: ACTproperties.com.au

Great Discounts Available

Posted by John Nash on June 28th, 2013 11:31

Advertise your properties in a professional arena for much less than you'll pay anywhere else. WWW.CanberraProperties.net.au is THE PLACE, to advertise YOUR PLACE. Advertise today! Read Full Post: Great Discounts Available

WWW.CanberraProperties.net.au is a new, powerful real estate website advertising interface. It is for people wanting to buy, sell, rent or share property in Canberra Australia. It can conduct both... Read More

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