November 10th, 2013 04:06

Welcome to The website is currently combined with (and can be found at)  Our website is a new solution for people seeking to sell, buy, rent or share property in and around Canberra, the Australian Capital. And what a great year to launch. Canberra's centenary is here and this meodern, vibrant city looks great at only 100 years young! adds new blood to the real estate advertising scene in Australia. It offers a super modern interface allowing users to easily advertise and manage their properties through their own control console. It also allows property searchers to easily seek out advertised properties (by one or multiple categories) within seconds. The search tools and most powerful advertising features are located on the front page, meaning people really like using this site. Properties recently added receive 'major league' added exposure to the market. Another feature people are indicating that they absolutely love is the pricing. Advertising for selling, renting and sharing are priced in the same bracket (by feature package). Prices start at just $44 and go up to $88 for a 20 photo advertisement that lasts a year. Agents can advertise absolutely FREE until 31/9/13. This site is a sister site to which is the national site, based on the same platform. Advertisers can have a FREE AD on the national site when they advertise on a localised one. We really are here to help! Contact us at or call us directly on 046 6657805 Thank You The Management.

 We have decided to keep joined to for the moment, as it seems senseless to split SEO between the pair.  Thank you for all enquiries. is a new, powerful real estate website advertising interface. It is for people wanting to buy, sell, rent or share property in Canberra Australia. It can conduct both... Read More

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